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I have read this excellent book.
It is genuinely funny and reflects Lowell’s meteoric rise in the world  of high finance, particularly as a published self-help author.
This is a must read for aspiring oligarchs! I particularly appreciated Lowell’s careful research into the extant literature of poverty-to-riches self help. His penetrating insights into the minds and techniques of these literary illuminati are stunning, guiding you through the labyrinthine insights of these deeply profound resources. He extracts the very best of their offerings, and then surmounts them with his own, even more profound insights, leaving the reader rolling on the floor, gasping for air, wondering which direction is up. Buy this book!
Gary (noted book reviewer and aspiring oligarch)

ForeWord Reviews
The author has a light touch and the ability to laugh at himself and his own ideas. Without a doubt, Christensen is funny.

Central Valley Business Times
December 10, 2012 8:00am

Lowell Christensen is a successful chemical engineer who, like millions, of others, has thumbed his way through the countless self-help, instant millionaire books.
And now he’s written his own, topping mere millionaires by a notch or ten: The One Minute Zillionaire: Achieve Wealth, Fame, and Success in an Instant, Give or Take a Hundred Years.
“Originally I was going to name the book The 30-Second Zillionaire, but I thought that might be a little bit unrealistic,” says Mr. Christensen. “If you’ve read stacks and stacks of get-rich-quick books, there’s a there’s a lot to make fun of in those.”
Mr. Christensen says Americans spend close to $11 billion a year on self-help books. He says few offer anything beyond platitudes.
His previous books are Coping with Texas and Other Staggering Feets and Beginning Farming and What Makes a Sheep Tick.

Albuquerque Journal
Lowell Christensen is the author of “The One-Minute Zillionaire,” a new humor book about success. In a press release, Christensen writes that he hopes his advice about “how success requires quite a bit of formal and practical education, hard work, and falling on your face a few times” will resonate with readers. For more information about the book, visit



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